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Saf-T-Swim Swim Lesson Videos

View our new Saf-T-Swim Swim lesson videos. Just click on of the picture frames below to watch and enjoy the videos.- August 2017


This amazing 24 month old swims so easily



Watch this child learning kicks on back.



Baby learning how to float on her back



Watch this amazing 6 month old baby natural underwater instincts.



Watch this cutie doing a pop-in.



Look at this baby swim right to her teacher.



Watch what this child can do with encouragement from his loving teacher.



This 2 year old jumps in and gets back to wall on her own.



Watch this 2 year old jump in and swim to ladder on her own.



A 4 year old doing an elementary back-stroke.



See how this 4yr old swims all the way across pool.



Just some of our swim team kids warming up for practice.



3 year old swimming then turning on his back across pool.



Watch this 6 year old working on Butterfly swim technique !!



This 8 month old goes underwater with no problem