New Saf-T-Swim Testimonial Videos for 2016

View our new Saf-T-Swim Testimonials for the 2016 Spring/Summer Season. Just click on of the picture frames below to watch and enjoy the BRAND NEW videos.  

Our Saf-T-Swim Commercial for 2015

View our Saf-T-Swim Commercial for the 2015 Spring/Summer Season. Click on it and view the video.  

Robert – Commercial Late 2013

Saf-T-Swim has taught my children far more then just basic swim strokes. It taught them to respect the water and it taught them how to act around the water.

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Marissa – Commercial Late 2013

The instructors at Saf-T-Swim are very caring. You know they love the children. My son Jack loved to play in the water at Saf-T-Swim every time he went there.

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Maria – Commercial Late 2013

The basis of Saf-T-Swim is water safety and knowing what to do in case of emergency. The Mommy and Me program was perfect for us to get the needed swimming lessons

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Matina – Commercial Late 2013

The instructors and the staff at Saf-T-Swim are just the best. We have been going year round to enforce the swimming lessons and now it’s second nature for my kids.

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