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Shearrod D., Manager

As former professional athlete, fitness and youth sports have always been a huge corner stone in my life. From working as a Director at the YMCA for over 7 years I have always been focused on improving the quality of life in diverse New York communities. 
Being able to be part of the Youth Programming industry for over 15 years has truly been blessing for me. I never stop being amazed on how a child can improve both socially and mentally from being involved in physical activities. Over the years I have come to realize swimming is a must have skill for anyone of any age. I happy to be part of the Safe-T-swim team and encourage everyone to learn the value of water safety.

Sonny H., Supervisor

My name is Sonny. I have worked at Saf-T-Swim for 17 years. I originally started at our East Meadow location, I was there for 5 years until I was promoted to be part of the management team of Deer Park. I love seeing the children succeed at their goals. My favorite hobbies are bowling and going to the movies! My favorite movie is Pitch Black, with Friday as a close second! I don't have any kids yet, but I enjoy spending time with my Mom, Dad and younger brother, Brian! We enjoy family activities like walks at Eisenhower park!

Anissia R., Supervisor

Hello my name is Anissia and I have worked for the company for 4 years. I enjoy watching the students I teach progress and seeing their excitement when we pass levels, knowing that they feel confident in themselves and conquer their fears. I graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a Bachelors in Studio Art focusing on art therapy. I enjoy painting and doing any type of arts and craft activity in my free time. I also love to bake and watch movies.

Maria L., Supervisor

My name is Mariamagdalena, but you can call me Maria. I have been an employee at Saf-T-Swim for 2 1/2 years. My favorite stroke is backstroke. I am a huge Yankees fan. I like to sing and sang in NYYPC. When it is time to relax it isn't out of the ordinary that I make my favorite food which is empanadas and watch Nightmare before Christmas even in the scorching hot months of summer.

Sheona G., District Manager

I have been a part of the Aquatics and Sports industry for 24 years. My very first job was as a lifeguard and swimming instructor; so, for me it is full circle and rewarding to be able to recruit, hire, and train professionals in the field. I served as an Aquatics Manager for 8 years for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Jacksonville, Florida where I helped develop the Gus and Goldie Learn to Swim Program. Recently I was the Assistant Company Director for Gateway Sports and Pools where I lead sales and operations in NYC, Albany, and CT. As an Adjunct Professor at Lehman College I lectured in Exercise Science, Motor Learning, and the Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity. I am also a published research author with a research focus in utilizing sports and physical activity as a vehicle to promote life development during adolescence. I strongly believe there are so many life lessons children can learn during sports participation. I received my MA in Motor Learning from Columbia University, and my BS from Lehman College in Movement and Exercise Science. I am a sports enthusiast having played basketball, soccer, and track and field collegiately. Currently I participate in swimming, volleyball, and golf recreationally; and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.


Saf-T-Swim gives me the opportunity to interact with kids and watch them grow in their swimming abilities.

My hobbies include doing cosmetology and art.

Alyssa Instructor

I love being able to see children gain valuable skills and build strong work ethic.

My hobbies are going on adventures and painting.

Andy Instructor

I love when kids leave the facility happy and proud of what they accomplished.

I like to paint.

Emily Instructor

“I enjoy teaching my kids new skills to help improve their techniques in the water. Also, seeing their progression over time. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing volleyball, and running my own not-for-profit organization.”

Emily M. Instructor

“I love being able to watch my kid's progression in the water and seeing them overcome their fears. My hobbies are gymnastics and I love spending time with family and friends.”

Emily P. Instructor

More info coming soon!

Gia Instructor

More info coming soon!

Hallie Instructor

“I really enjoy working with people in the pool. Being in a pool is one of my favorite things to do and meeting so many new people is very exciting. Some of my hobbies include baking, going on hikes, and swimming!”

Isabella Instructor

“I enjoy working at Saf-T-Swim for the fact that there are many opportunities to learn more about the students at hand. When it comes to my hobbies, I have a 150-gallon aquarium that houses a turtle and two Oscars imported from Colombia. I also enjoy watching boxing, soccer, and water polo."

Javier Instructor

I love creating a safe and fun space for my students as I watch them trust the water.

My hobbies include dancing and going to the beach.

Jenna Instructor

“I enjoy working with children and getting to know them and building a relationship. My favorite hobbies are running and working out.”

Joseph Instructor

“I enjoy getting to know my co-workers and the kids I work with. I always like seeing them happy and laughing. My favorite hobbies are martial arts and some video games. I also like to go out with friends."

Julio Instructor

“I love the kids' faces when they are smiling and having so much fun in the pool. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, enjoying some waves and swimming.”

Leslie Instructor

I enjoy helping kids fulfill their dreams and conquer their fears.

I enjoy reading, sewing, quilting, hiking and biking.

Pamela Instructor

“I enjoy meeting new kids. Each one has their own different and unique personality. My favorite hobbies include playing my games, swimming, working out and playing sports.”

Ronald Instructor

I like being able to teach important skills while having fun.

I enjoy reading.

Ryan Instructor

Saf-T-Swim is a wonderful environment with teachers that are willing to help. We all look out for one another and work great together.

I enjoy swimming, volleyball and dance.

Tiffany Instructor

I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I love to watch the children learn and grow in every lesson. I enjoy reading in my spare time.

Samantha Instructor

There’s nothing better than watching a child who fears the water become a confident swimmer and recognizing that I helped that child reach their full potential.

My favorite hobby is hiking.

Steven Instructor, Lifeguard

I love watching kids learn to love and enjoy the water. The smiles when they learn something new are amazing. I enjoy swimming and quad riding.

Hailey Lifeguard

I love to watch children flourish and blossom. The joy that kids bring to the Saf-T-Swim team is a huge plus. Some hobbies I enjoy are hiking and reading.

Jon-Aisia Front Office

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