Get to know your local Saf-T-Swim Little Neck team!

Felix H., General Manager

I have recently joined Saf-T-Swim as the General Manager of our newest location, Little Neck. I have been in the aquatics industry for the last 14 years within the YMCA organization in Massachusetts and NYC. It is something that is very meaningful to me to be able to continue to do, especially in the community that I grew up in. Growing up in Queens, I’m aware of how limited pools and water are to the community, so I’m excited to be able to open another brand-new facility and teach swimming to a new generation. Outside of Saf-T-Swim, I am a sports enthusiast and can be found occasionally shooting a jump shot when I’m not hiking with my wife and our dog, Lumi, on the weekends.

Shelly K., Supervisor

I'm currently a graduate student studying to be an educator, and I studied fashion design for my undergrad. My hobbies consist of doing art and making jewelry. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I love teaching and making a connection with students and parents.

Reggie M., Supervisor

I love being active, working out, and playing sports. My favorite sports are Basketball and Swimming. I’ve been a Swimming Instructor since 2003. I also am a Photographer, DJ, and Music Producer.

Sheona G., District Manager

I have been a part of the Aquatics and Sports industry for 24 years. My very first job was as a lifeguard and swimming instructor; so, for me it is full circle and rewarding to be able to recruit, hire, and train professionals in the field. I served as an Aquatics Manager for 8 years for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Jacksonville, Florida where I helped develop the Gus and Goldie Learn to Swim Program. Recently I was the Assistant Company Director for Gateway Sports and Pools where I lead sales and operations in NYC, Albany, and CT. As an Adjunct Professor at Lehman College I lectured in Exercise Science, Motor Learning, and the Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity. I am also a published research author with a research focus in utilizing sports and physical activity as a vehicle to promote life development during adolescence. I strongly believe there are so many life lessons children can learn during sports participation. I received my MA in Motor Learning from Columbia University, and my BS from Lehman College in Movement and Exercise Science. I am a sports enthusiast having played basketball, soccer, and track and field collegiately. Currently I participate in swimming, volleyball, and golf recreationally; and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.


I have worked at Saf-T-Swim for 4 years. I am in my Junior year of college studying finance. My hobby is playing sports. Saf-T-Swim has helped build my work either and has brought me a lot of great friendships. One thing I love about Saf-T-Swim is the workplace environment.

Abbas F. Senior Sales Associate

I love working at Saf-T-Swim because I get to interact with children on a daily basis and I can bring smiles to their faces, working with children also fills me with joy! Our team of staff members at Saf-T-Swim are really awesome people to work with. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, my family, and my friends. I also enjoy going on hikes and spending time in nature! 

Asia N. Office
Alvi Z. Office

I graduated from a teaching high school and have a history of tutoring and mentoring. I enjoy being creative and crafty. And I love reading and writing. The community at Saf-T-Swim is a pleasant and lively environment. And I enjoy interacting with our swimmers and helping them develop their skills. 

Sonali T. Instructor, Office

I was a lifeguard and swimming instructor at 13-years-old, a 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo at 12 and competed in National Tournaments. I have a passion for Culinary Arts and love to try new cuisines. I love working here because I love teaching students confidence and lifelong skills. 

Chris S. Instructor, Office

I was born in Canada and came to New York when I was 2-years-old. I Enjoy playing basketball and football with my friends. I like working at Saf-T -Swim because I look forward to seeing children improve their swimming skills throughout the year. 

Hussain M. Instructor, Office
Joel G. Instructor, Office, Lifeguard, Deck Monitor

I am from Bangladesh & and I am in High School currently, my hobbies are drawing, creating relatable videos and I also play basketball on traveling teams, love traveling around the world, listening to music and hang out with family & friends. I respect all my Co-workers since day 1. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming I felt at home. This job teaches me a lot of survival skills & how to connect with other people and encourage them to become better at their skills. 

Adyan C. Instructor

I love swimming, music, and talking with new people. I love working at Saf-T-Swim because I enjoy working with my coworkers and teaching people how to swim. 

Carlos R. Instructor
Frank C. Instructor

I enjoy working with children. I am currently working towards my masters in early childhood education. I enjoy working at Saf-T-Swim because I love being able to watch the kids grow. My hobbies: art, crochet, and swimming. 

Gaby W. Instructor

I’d consider myself an easy-going person, just trying to enjoy life as it comes my way. I play the drums and have done so for about 10 years. I am also a big motorsports fan. I enjoy watching my students develop their confidence and skills, it’s such a satisfying sight to watch them thrive in our pool. 

Olivier L. Instructor

I’m a hairstylist and I love to swim. I’ve been teaching for 3 years and Saf-T-Swim is a fun & friendly but safe environment. I enjoy seeing progression in my students.   

Pam E. Instructor
Leah D. Instructor, Lifeguard
Mya J. Instructor, Lifeguard
Nick K. Instructor, Lifeguard
I am currently an undergraduate student working towards my AUD in Audiology and Speech Therapy with about 5 years of experience working with all types of children in and outside of the water. Outside of swimming I also enjoy Music and Theatre. Acting and performing is something that is a very big part of me. I love working for Saf-T-Swim simply because I love kids and I love watching them grow. I strive to be the best role model for each and every one of my students so that they can reach their full potential in not only swimming but in their everyday life  
Raven B. Instructor, Lifeguard
April L. Instructor, Lifeguard
Joseph L. Instructor, Lifeguard
Kimberly V. Instructor
Romea N. Instructor, Lifeguard
Veronica M. Instructor
Joseph T. Instructor, Lifeguard
Lance L. Instructor, Lifeguard
Asif Z. Instructor, Lifeguard
Veronica L. Instructor
Vincent C. Instructor, Office
Kaussaun G. Instructor
Erica Z. Instructor

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