Get to know your local Saf-T-Swim New Hyde Park team!

Rosette G., Manager

My name is Rosette and I was 18 when I started with the company in May 1996. I was promoted pretty young and learned how to manage from very strong managers (the og’s of saftswim). There are many reasons I love what I do. One reason that means the most is the relationships I build with not only my student but my students family. I am part of their family and they are part of my family. Seeing my students grow into confident swimmers that love the water is truly a blessing. It is rewarding...My absolute favorite is having the student say “they want to be a swim teacher just like Mrs. Rosette”. Then years later they actually do come back and work for me/Saf-T-Swim. Samantha Saar, Alex Saar, Kaila Cerbone just to name a few who were exceptional students who became exceptoinal instructors. Another thing I love is hearing a parent come in very proud as they share a story how the child fell in pool and was able to swim back to wall. My favorite things to do are Crossfit and cook.

Brittany I., Manager

Hi my name is Brittany and I am a manager at Saf-T-Swim. I have a very big family spread out all over the country and I love and cherish them very much. I also recently adopted a very adorable Pitbull mix from a rescue organization and he has truly changed my life forever. I love to travel to new places, spend time with my family, and hit the ski slopes. I have been working for this company for 8 years and during this time I also graduated from Farmingdale State College with a business degree. Working for this company holds a very special place in my heart. It is very rare to find a job that you love and excel in. From my very first interview I knew I would call this company home. I love building connections with my students and the families around us. I think what we do here is so important, we fight for a very special cause and that is the importance of water safety.

Cameron R., Supervisor

I have been working at Saf-T-Swim for 13 years, but I started taking swim lessons at the original Bayshore facility when I was 2 months old. I also swam competitively since I was 7 and swam all through college. I really enjoy seeing the children progress and become confident in the water. I really like the challenge of taking a child or adult who is very fearful of the water and working with them to get them to enjoy the water. My hobbies are going to heavy metal concerts, watching anime, and playing video games

Sheona G., District Manager

I have been a part of the Aquatics and Sports industry for 24 years. My very first job was as a lifeguard and swimming instructor; so, for me it is full circle and rewarding to be able to recruit, hire, and train professionals in the field. I served as an Aquatics Manager for 8 years for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Jacksonville, Florida where I helped develop the Gus and Goldie Learn to Swim Program. Recently I was the Assistant Company Director for Gateway Sports and Pools where I lead sales and operations in NYC, Albany, and CT. As an Adjunct Professor at Lehman College I lectured in Exercise Science, Motor Learning, and the Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity. I am also a published research author with a research focus in utilizing sports and physical activity as a vehicle to promote life development during adolescence. I strongly believe there are so many life lessons children can learn during sports participation. I received my MA in Motor Learning from Columbia University, and my BS from Lehman College in Movement and Exercise Science. I am a sports enthusiast having played basketball, soccer, and track and field collegiately. Currently I participate in swimming, volleyball, and golf recreationally; and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.


Aaniyah K Instructor
Anisa N Sales Associate
Benet W Instructor

I love working with the children. They are all unique and I enjoy teaching them new things. 

My favorite hobby: Spending time with my nephews

Janel G Instructor, Office

I love teaching children from any age how to swim and watching them progress.

My favorite hobby: Movie enthusiast

Sarah R Instructor

I am a double major in Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering at Columbia. My hobbies are building A.I. tech and working on drones. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I love having the ability to interact with customers and their children on a weekly basis and I appreciate the friendly atmosphere that I receive from the employees as well as the customers. I also enjoy being able to connect with my students as well as teach them important like saving lessons. 

Taha A Senior Sales Associate

Hi my name is Taha and I have been working at Saf-T-Swim for almost 5 years. When I am not working I like to hangout with friends and family. One of my favorite things about working here is being able to see the kids grow and mature overtime. As well as making bonds with parents and helping them with their lesson scheduling. 

Taha H Office
Alexandra T Instructor

I enjoy going to the beach and shopping. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because of my kids that I get to teach. I enjoy teaching my favorite sport to my students.

Alisa C Instructor

I am hard-working and like fixing things and cleaning. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I like helping kids learn to swim, it's a crucial thing to be able to do.

Brandon C Instructor
Cailey R Instructor

I love getting my nails done and my favorite color is pink. I enjoy listening to music and having dance parties with my friends. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I enjoy getting to teach kids to be comfortable in the water.

Cameron D Instructor
Chrishaun B Instructor
Christopher G Instructor

I drive a stick shift and my hobby is weight training. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I like helping kids pass to the next level.

Daniel I Instructor

Hi my name is Danielle, one interesting fact about me is I was born on Christmas day. I love dancing. I have been dancing for 15 years and I also love spending time with my friends, including my co-worker Sarah. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because the work atmosphere and people here are so much fun. Also, I love being able to watch the kids grow and getting big "thank yous" from parents - it makes me feel good about myself. I love working with the students as well. It is so rewarding. 

Danielle M Instructor
David M Instructor
Dhilon A Instructor

Hi my name is Eleana. I like going to the beach and spending time with my friends and family. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I enjoy watching my students reach their swim goals and see the progress each week.

Eleana C Instructor
Eliana B Instructor
Gia S Instructor

Hi my name is Jalani Brown,  the hobbies I like the most are Basketball, tennis, and baseball. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I get to work with children and teach them how to be better swimmers. 

Jalani B Instructor
Jannahtullah E Instructor, Office
Jason J Instructor, Sales Associate
Jason M Instructor
Jaylin G Instructor, Deck Supervisor
Jaysen C Instructor

I grew up in Jamaica and enjoy running track and field as well as cooking. I like working at Saf-T-Swim because I get to engage in fun swimming lessons with my students.

Jervin F Instructor, Lifeguard
Julian P Instructor

Joel J Instructor

I am a nursing major and I hope to work in the labor and delivery unit. I enjoy playing soccer, traveling, and watching LSU & Ohio State games. 

Lena A Office
Michael A Instructor

Hello, my name is Fathma! Swimming has always been a life changing experience for myself and working at Saf-T-Swim gives me a rewarding opportunity to teach those skills to children that they can keep all their life. 

Fathma M Instructor
Myasia L Instructor, Office

I enjoy watching Marvel movies and playing football.

I love seeing my students become better swimmers and how proud their parents are of them. 

Nicholas J Instructor
Prabsharan S Office, Desk Supervisor, Lifeguard, Instructor
Samuel M Instructor, Desk Supervisor
Sanai T Instructor
Saquan W Instructor

I wear glasses and have been a cheerleader for 5 years. I love to ride my bike and hang out with my friends. I love teaching kids lifelong skills. 

Sarah D Office, Instructor
Sebastien J-B Instructor, Lifeguard
Shana W Instructor

Hi my name is Sonia, I’m a Sales Associate at Saf-T-Swim, I like to bake and dance in my free time. I like working here because I’m able to interact with the kids while watching them grow and learn from their mistakes to become a better individual. 


Sonia S Sales Associate
Ty A Senior Instructor

My name is Valarie Muse and I enjoy working at Saf-T-Swim. I love working with kids and teaching them all my swimming knowledge. Outside of Saf-T-Swim, I enjoy track & field and playing volleyball. Having conversations and laughing with my kids makes my job extremely fun. I also love seeing my kids improve and processing all the information I give them. 

Valarie M Instructor
Xavier L Instructor
Yasir P Instructor
Zelaya M Instructor

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