Learning to swim is a defining and memorable experience in your child's life. Our passionate team of teachers are here to make sure it is a wonderfully positive experience for all. Through our individual attention, warm water, and passionate team of Instructors, we are committed to teaching all our swimmers to love and respect the water.  


At Saf-T-Swim we run classes all year long, so it is never too late to sign up! We have new sessions that start every three weeks to ensure you can always get in the schedule! We offer our Individual and Baby & Me lessons in groups of 6 classes at a time with a variety of package options that allow you to swim for as long as you want. We recommend year-round swimming; consistency and frequency are important to building strong independent swimmers. Whether you need a 6-class refresher or want to swim for the entire year or years, Saf-T-Swim has a program for you. All our swim families are required to review and agree to our Saf-T-Swim School Policies. This is completed upon registration and must be signed prior to your swimmer entering the water.


Due to Covid-19, we are asking parents to come in no earlier than 10 minutes before your class and only 1 parent per swimmer may enter. Upon entry you will be greeted by a staff member who will take your temperature and do a mask check. All children over the age of two must wear a mask in the facility. The Swimmer can take off the mask only when they enter the pool area. A team member will direct you to the changing areas if you need to change your child. If not, you will be directed to the office to sign all paperwork. Once all paperwork has been signed you will you go to the pool area to meet the Deck Supervisor. They will let you know which instructor your child will be swimming with and what bay number to report to. Once the child is in the water you will be directed to move to our one-way mirror viewing room to view the lesson. Once you are in the swing of how the lessons run, most families find 5- 10 minutes is plenty of time to have the child report to their bay on time. 

suitcase-rolling-solid WHAT TO BRING TO LESSONS

We ask all students to come dressed in their suit and ready for lessons, if possible. You will need a towel for after class and if the child uses goggles, bring those as well. If your child is a new swimmer, we ask that you try not to send them in with goggles as we need to make sure they are water safe without their goggles first. All children under the age of 4 regardless of toilet training (and those who are older but are not fully potty trained) must follow our swim diaper policy (wear 2 reusable cloth swim diapers). Diapers are available for purchase on site. Swimmers with long hair may want to tie their hair back, as it may be in their face during the lesson. 


Each facility has a Viewing Room that gives you a place to watch your child’s lesson. This room has a large one-way mirror so the children do not see their parents, but you will be able to see your swimmer. We ask that the parents stay in this room and not distract the lessons by going into the pool area. We have found that this approach helps students, particularly students with anxiety, learn that their teacher is there for them and lets the instructor comfort them while building a trusting relationship. Parents/caregivers are always required to stay on the premises during the lessons.

Olympic-Level Technology icon PROGRESS UPDATES

In the first lesson the instructor will assess the student’s capabilities and determine their starting swim level. At the end of every class the instructor will call you in 2-3 minutes before the class is over. During this time, they will go over everything that the student has accomplished in this lesson and what they should expect for future lessons. We encourage parents to be knowledgeable about what the child is learning every week. During these conversations you can discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child’s progress or abilities. Your instructor will tell you when your swimmer is ready for their next level. Your instructor will let you know in the prior week, that your child is ready to LEVEL UP and Ring the Bell, so if you can take pictures of the ceremony.


Equasia Y.

“Our swim teacher is awesome with my son who is in his terrible two's.”

Jenn D.

“After trying 4 different swimming classes for my daughter- at 4 years old we finally found a wonderful place. Saf-T-Swim is wonderful, and quite frankly, a relief.”

Kate T.

“My daughter started at 6 months and she loves her lessons! The instructors are the best! ”