Get to know your local Saf-T-Swim Commack team!

Meghan C., Manager

I have worked for Saf-T-Swim for 19 years and have been part of the management team for 12. My favorite parts of my job are getting to see my students grow both as people and swimmers and seeing my staff grow in confidence and in life. I have 2 children who are 6 and 7 and am having a blast living life with them. I love to go to the beach and I love to read.

Oriana O., Supervisor

I’ve been working at Saf-T-Swim for and amazing six years. My favorite thing about working for the company is being able to see the students I teach progress over time and being able to proudly say “I save lives for a living”. I also enjoy building relationships with not only my students but their families too. My hobbies outside of work include pushing myself to use my creative skills to become a better painter. I also enjoy searching for the best deals on vintage video games, such as, a classic Nintendo, a super Nintendo, and a Nintendo 64.

Steven N., Supervisor

I started working at Saf-T-Swim in January of 2016 at the Deer Park location. Since then, I've joined the management team in our Commack location and became a Supervisor in 2023. My favorite part of Saf-T-Swim is working with both the children and their parent as a team to ensure their water safety for years to come. I'm glad I get to be part of creating a positive experience even when dealing with a nervous student. On my free time I enjoy hiking, cooking and listening to podcasts.

Sheona G., District Manager

I have been a part of the Aquatics and Sports industry for 24 years. My very first job was as a lifeguard and swimming instructor; so, for me it is full circle and rewarding to be able to recruit, hire, and train professionals in the field. I served as an Aquatics Manager for 8 years for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Jacksonville, Florida where I helped develop the Gus and Goldie Learn to Swim Program. Recently I was the Assistant Company Director for Gateway Sports and Pools where I lead sales and operations in NYC, Albany, and CT. As an Adjunct Professor at Lehman College I lectured in Exercise Science, Motor Learning, and the Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity. I am also a published research author with a research focus in utilizing sports and physical activity as a vehicle to promote life development during adolescence. I strongly believe there are so many life lessons children can learn during sports participation. I received my MA in Motor Learning from Columbia University, and my BS from Lehman College in Movement and Exercise Science. I am a sports enthusiast having played basketball, soccer, and track and field collegiately. Currently I participate in swimming, volleyball, and golf recreationally; and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.


Claudia B Senior Sales Associate

More info coming soon!

Ryan S Instructor

My favorite thing about working at Saf-T-Swim is the comforable, homey environment. Outside of work I like to go shopping and play with my dogs and cats.

Samantha P Instructor

This is my 23rd year here at Saf-T-Swim! My favorite thing about working at Saf-T-Swim is working with the children. Outside of work I enjoy gardening, being a mother to my children, long walks on the docks, and photography; I love taking pictures and creating photo albums.

Terri A Instructor

During my 7 years with Saf-T-Swim, I’ve developed so many relationships with my students and coworkers. I don’t feel like I'm just “going to work,” but I look forward to seeing my pool family. My greatest Reward is watching scared swimmers overcome their fears; not only children, but adults too. When I'm not working I spend time with my five year old son, and play animal crossing.

Kerry M Instructor

I love being able to interact with kids of all ages in a hands-on learning environment! I also am grateful that my job has taught me so many skills within and outside of the work place!

My favorite Hobby: I love to paint and I often volunteer at schools for children with special needs.

Ella L Instructor

What do you love about what you do here? I love meeting all the kids and seeing all their different personalities.

My favorite Hobby: I love going to the beach, even when it’s cold (but only to see the sunset when it’s cold)

Ashley H Instructor

My favorite thing about working at Saf-T-Swim is the fun environment that I get to come into and interacting with my students and coworkers. Outside of work I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and studying.

Barbara C Instructor

I've been working at Saf-T-Swim for ten years and I still look forward to see how excited all my kids get to spend time with me in the pool and learn new things. I love spending time with my friends outside of work but mostly with all the kids I babysit.

Alexsis S Instructor

My favorite thing about working at Saf-T-Swim is getting to know the kids and watching them get excited once they overcome a fear. Outside of work I love to explore all forms of art in painting, drawing, sculpting, ect. I also bake and decorate elaborate cakes. Other than my artistic interests I love to snowboard.

Brooke I Instructor

My favorite thing about working at Saf-T-Swim is the schedule flexibility. My hobbies outside of work are riding my bike, going out to restaurants, and the beach.

Claudia Instructor

I’ve been working at Saf-T-Swim for almost four years and I most enjoy seeing my students progress. When I’m not working I love to listen to music, going out to eat with friends and watching sports LGI.

Brittany G Instructor

I’ve been working as a lifeguard at Saf-T-Swim for three months. Seeing the children get over their fear of swimming and having fun is my favorite part of the job. In my free time I play tennis with my friends.

Drita C Instructor

"I have been working at the Commack Saf-T-Swim since July 2021.What I love most about my job is getting to make kids excited to swim. When they step into the pool room I want them to want to get into the water, and maybe they will come out learning something new. I also love teaching kids things that they can use one day. When a student comes in and says, “I went swimming in my grandma’s pool and I kicked just like you showed me and I made it all the way to the other side” that makes my so happy. My favorite hobby is reading. I could read for hours straight. I love books and I love learning something new or diving deep into a story."

Gianna B Instructor
Adriane M Instructor
Bella T Instructor
Brenna C Lifeguard
Cadence K Instructor
Chase A Instructor
Coco M Instructor
Courtney I Instructor
Diana F Instructor
Drita C Instructor
Eddie R Instructor
Emily S Office & Lifeguard
Emma T Instructor
Gianna B Instructor
Hailey L Office, Instructor & Lifeguard
Jalyssa R Instructor
Jess G Instructor
Kelly B Instructor
Kerry M Instructor
Kristina R Instructor & Lifeguard
Luke B Instructor
Maddy M Instructor
Rachel F Instructor
Rob B Instructor
Ryan R Instructor
Sammy C Office & Lifeguard
Sarah W Instructor
Stephen L Instructor & Lifeguard
Terry A Instructor
Trish M Office & Instructor
Wensha N Office

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