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Tom is Phenomenal! – August 13, 2018

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Lilly is always excited when she has her lesson with Miss Emily!. – August 9, 2018

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My daughter is only 3 and is progressing very well. – August 1, 2018

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Big THANK YOU to Chelsea! – July 30, 2018

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We enjoy coming here and our children love their swimming instructors! – July 27, 2018

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We are so thankful for Rebecca and all she has done. – July 26, 2018

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Cassidy works with everyone to make their experience incredible! – July 24, 2018

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Becky had Maya swimming like a fish! – July 23, 2018

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Thank you to the Saf-T-Swim staff of Smithtown! – July 22, 2018

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Brianna is SUPER GENEROUS! – July 14, 2018

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A teacher’s “Thank You:..” – July 6, 2018

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Giovanna’s 6th birthday at Saf-T-Swim of Bohemia.. – June 23, 2018

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We would highly recommend Saf-T-Swim of Oceanside foe a valuable learning experience! – June 21, 2018

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I’m very happy we found Ms. Sam. – June 15, 2018

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I zan’t stress how impoertant it is for your kids not to be afraid of the water!. – June 14, 2018

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Hats off to the instructors at Saf-T-Swim!. – June 13, 2018

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Thank you Saf-T-Swim for making Evan proficient in his swimming skills. – June 4, 2018

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The Staff at Saf-T-Swim have made our overall experience a positive one. – May 24, 2018

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My daughter looks forward to swim class every week! – May 22, 2018

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Gianna P is awesome!.. – May 14, 2018

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Sometimes you meet people in life that genuinely care for your child just like another Mom.. – May 4, 2018

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Kudos to Coner. – May 3, 2018

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Thank you Corey for making our hearts feel more at ease. – April 28, 2018


You’ve opened our eyes to family vacations unlike any other families we know! – April 17, 2018


I will be forever greatful… – April 11, 2018


Nick was so patient and encouraging! – April 5, 2018


Nick makes my son laugh and this makes me happy! – April 1, 2018


We would like to thank Juliana From Smithtown…. – March 28, 2018


Ia, so thankful to have Corey as a teacher! – March 9, 2018


The on the phone, Stephanie was very kind, helpful and informative…. – March 7, 2018


Love them! Stephanie is excellent!! – March 6, 2018


Thank you Saf-T-Swim – NHP! – March 2, 2018


Wonderful staff! Thank you for all your help in booking a party! – February 29, 2018


Your swim teacher Nick is amazing with my son! – February 28, 2018


Deepest gratitude to the members of your staff at the Saf-T-Swimof Levittown – February 21, 2018




Your staff is wonderful – February 09, 2018


Dennis takes the time – February 08, 2018


We love Brenna – February 6, 2018


I would recommend Eric to anyone. – January 29, 2018


Ryland and Jamie have an incredible bond! – January 22, 2018


Ryland and Jamie have an incredible bond! – January 22, 2018


Jocelyn is amazing – January 21, 2018


Jocelyn is always a pleasure! – January 21, 2018


Excellent Customer Service! – January 21, 2018


Brooke helped advance Mikey’s Swim abilites! – January 1, 2018


Christian has been such a great role model!! – December 23, 2017


Due to the patient, kind and dedicated instructors, my son is confident when it xomes to the water! – December 14, 2017


I cannot say enough about the professional and compassionate treatment I have received during my lessons. – December 13, 2017


Thank you to Saf-T Swim for an amazing 5 years with Lila. – December 5, 2017


We are very thankful for what Gianna accomplished with Erik so far!. – December 4, 2017


Thank you again to all of your instructors! They mean the world to me. – December 4, 2017


John has done such an amazing job with my children. We are so greatly appreciative. – December 3, 2017


Alana is a gifted teacher. She is patient, kind and has a way with my son. – November 26, 2017


Sam K. is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend her! – November 22, 2017


Emily is so patient, kind, trustworthy and an amazing teacher! – November 16, 2017


Gabby C, Emma’s Swim Instructor is amazing! – November 13, 2017


Cameron’s dedication, hard work, patience and love for my son and swim mean the world to me! – November 10, 2017


Working toward becoming a great swimmer. – November 4, 2017


Working toward becoming a great swimmer. – October 26, 2017


Keep up the good work!!! – October 25, 2017


Gavin has advanced to the next level of the sport of swimming. – October 23, 2017


The skills Jessica taught my daughter are invaluable. – October 18, 2017


We feel so at home! – October 16, 2017


Thank You for having a wonderful teacher and giving my son an amazing experience! – October 11, 2017


Thank you Saf-T-Swim for a great facility and instructors – October 10, 2017


My son looks forward to every Saturday lesson! – October 9, 2017

Swimming better than I imagined – October 7, 2017

My son was swimming in the deep end of pools, jumping off diving boards…. – October 5, 2017

Such a talented instructor. – October 2, 2017

Such competent and hard working instructors!- September 27, 2017

You are an amazing team at Levittown – September 22, 2017

My son looks forward to swimming every week! – September 20, 2017

Thanks for Ensuring a Positive Experience – September 19, 2017

We can not say thank you enough – September 15, 2017

I was blown away with his progress! – September 14, 2017

The importance of water safety – September 14, 2017

I can see the amazing progress from his first class to now!- September 1, 2017

Special thanks to Nick and Emily!!- August 31, 2017

Our experience at Saf-T-Swim is amazing! – August 31, 2017

The East Meadow team has gone “Above and Beyond”, – August 31, 2017

They always greet us with smiles! – August 28, 2017

Jamie has been a great instructor! – August 27, 2017

We are pleased with our daughters performance, – August 24, 2017

We are happy to continue our sessions with Charlie this fall. – August 23, 2017

Gabby is amazing!, Doris – August 13, 2017

Hope has truely been an amazing instructor fpr my son, Christopher! – August 12, 2017


Job well done!, Vincenza – August 7, 2017

Hassib’s teaching skills were amazing, Daniel & Jodie – August 5, 2017

My Children have amazing instructors! – August 4, 2017

One heck of a winning team! – July 20, 2017

My son is alive because of all the teachers from Saf-T-Swim, Anna – July 20, 2017

Your instructor Kylie is an asset to Saf-T-Swim!, Marianne – July 10, 2017


We are grateful to swim instructor Vin, Marianne – July 6, 2017

My son Ethan earned his LEVEL 1 award!, Dawn – June 27, 2017

Your staff at Saf-T-Swim get an “A” rating, George – June 23, 2017

You have some GREAT INSTRUCTORS!, Kerry – June 20, 2017


We love coming to Saf-T-Swim so much, Tristan always gets excited when we have another swim lesson to go to the next day. thanks, Lisa – May 25, 2017


You have helped in so many ways, thanks Saf-T-Swim 😉 – May 16, 2017


My son Daniel can’t wait for his next Swimming lesson!!!! – May 11, 2017


My Grand Daughter Emma is very important to me, Saf-T-Swim has really helped her to respect the water!! thanx – November 12, 2016


Share with Saf-T-Swim your child’s progress! Our swim teachers are here to help every step of the way. From fearing the water to making Junior Olympics we are very proud of Marissa! Keep up the good work! – August 17, 2016 #JuniorOlympics #FutureOlympian


A big THANK YOU! from Jessica for the comfortable environment at Saf-T-Swim! – July 20, 2016


A touching letter from a very happy and satisfied Saf-T-Swim customer 🙂 – June 2016


Team Coram Rocks!! – May 2, 2016


“My 3-year old daughter has been swimming at the New Hyde Park location since January of 2015.

She started off her lessons with Kayla and we switched to Shannon in the fall because of schedule conflicts. Both Kayla and Shannon are knowledgeable, energetic and caring instructors. From the very first lesson, they build a wonderful rapport with my daughter. My daughter loves to go swimming and looks forward to it every week.”
-Effie – May 2, 2016


Thank you Jennifer for sharing your experience. We are delighted to have had such an impact on your two sons! February 10, 2016


Saf- T- Swim would like to take a moment to share this delightful letter from the Artemus family! December 14, 2015


The progress of each of our students inspires Saf-T-Swim to teach water safety each day! We love hearing from you September 25, 2015

Test-1 testimonials

Saf- T- Swim would like to take a moment to share this wonderful letter from the Diele family! September 24, 2015


There are no words for what I witnessed today.

I have written you many a times regarding Two Star Tom, but this time I am writing you regarding a few other fantastic staff at the Smithtown property. Today the locations competed at Suffolk Community College. My son, Tyler who is on the Autistic Spectrum, was so excited and has been waiting for months to compete in this meet. He went to bed early, ate a good breakfast and was all set and ready to go. He got his number on his arm and was all official. That is until it was time to get in the pool! He lined up with all the other kids as they have done for months to warm up and he put his foot into the water and all of a sudden he broke down. Aimee by his side encouraging him to get in the water, to calm down and to do what he has done so wonderfully for months. Her words endearing and comforting he still couldn’t get past it. I went over and pulled him aside to find out what was the trigger of his sensory meltdown.

The water was much colder then all the other pools he has competed in. Being very temperature sensitive he could not get past it easily. Aimee got all the other kids in the pool warming up, she ran and got down to her bathing suit and jumped in the pool. As I had gotten him just about to go under water she reached her arms out for Tyler and said we got this Tyler…..Let’s go! My fear ridden child looked at her and released his tight grip on me and went to her and followed her lead. She swam 4 laps of warm ups with him and he did amazing. As a mom who has a child who has a harder time with everything then most kids I began to tear up as I watched him swim side by side with Aimee. She got down to his level and gave him a world of comfort and support when he needed it the most. I was speechless because I thought we were going to have to bow out of the swim meet that he had worked so hard for.

That being said I have to say that over my 5 years at Saf t Swim, I am so impressed with the attention, professionalism, and dedication of the staff that my children have been so lucky to have worked with. My son had been groomed and trained by Tom and was thrilled when he made the swim team. When Tom left, Tyler began to swim with Sydney who has been amazing with Tyler and has taken his strokes all to the next level.

The swim team has given my son a sense of belonging and being a part of a team. Chris, Aimee, Casey, Sydney and everyone else involved in the swim team has shown true dedication to the kids who are on the team. Even further they have ALL learned how to speak to, get through to, and how to help Tyler learn the most that he can. They have all learned that less words is easier for him to understand, that you need to get down to his eye level to talk to him, and that you have to repeat everything a few times to make sure he gets what is expected of him. each one of them look our for and take Tyler under their wing at each swim meet knowing that being in a different place each time could trigger some discomfort for Tyler. They all take pride in his successes as well as those of the entire team.

You should be proud of your Swim Team staff at Saf T Swim for who they are as a whole and individually. And especially of Aimee as she is professional, compassionate and one of the most dedicated employees you have on your team! She takes complete pride in her every day and every effort at Saf t Swim in Smithtown.

Sandy I.



Dear Saf-T-Swim
Lilyana has learned so much from you guys! She is so comfortable underwater!

Christina R


We Love Rosette

Dear Saf-T-Swim

Just wanted to say we LOVE Rosette at Saf-T-Swim in Bohemia. She’s been Luke’s instructor since 8 weeks old. At 15 months he knows and loves her. She’s always had this bond with him and I was so happy to catch it on camera. We look forward to many years of learning with her!

Laura K



Two Star Tom is the Best

Dear Management,

I want to take a second to write this letter regarding one of your instructors from your Smithtown location. My kids like to call him Two Star Tom for obvious reasons. Tom has been my son’s instructor since we started at Saf T Swim over two years ago. I have three children and Tom teaches two out of the three. Like i said Tyler has been with Tom sine day one. I have written letters before about how wonderful Tom is but this week Tom blew me away yet again. Tyler is on the Autism Spectrum ( high functioning but has his quirks and difficulties) and is very sensory sensitive. Tom has spent the past two years helping Tyler work through so many hard times as well as teaching him safety and respect for the water. Tom took the past two years to learn how Tyler learns the best and has altered his teaching methods to teach Tyler. Tom takes great pride in every accomplishment Tyler makes, as he should! The real reason I am writing today’s letter is because Tyler just tested for his Bronze Medal the other day. This is the test that requires the child to swim with their clothes on. Needless to say this was not going to be an easy task for a sensory child. For over two weeks Tyler has been stressed about this and didn’t want to do it. So i got Tyler dressed and Tom saw the panic in Tyler’s face. Tom called Tyler over and had him sit by the side of the pool and he verbally walked him through everything that was going to happen. He reassured him that he could do it and that everything was going to be ok. That he would not let anything happen to him. Tom has created such a great rapport with Tyler over the years that Tyler stood up and hesitated for a few minutes before he yelled “Here I go” and he jumped in like it was nothing. I almost cried. Tom is an asset to your team and company. I have never been so impressed with such a young man and been so touched by how personal he takes Tyler’s accomplishments. I have tried to attach a picture of Tom coaching Tyler before the test but it won’t link to it. It truly captures the moment and bond between the two of them!!

So from the Ilardi’s to Two Star Tom… I think you for all you do for my kids! You have taught them that water can be fun but you need to be safe!

A Big Thank You

Dear Saf-T-Swim

Both our children have been going to Saf-T-Swim for over a year now and we are so grateful to all of the wonderful staff there. We are always greeted with smiles from Miss Rachel and every instructor there has been wonderful. Currently, my son is swimming with Miss Emily and my daughter with Miss Noelle and they are both wonderful. They are talented, fun, enthusiastic, and it is incredibly gratifying as a parent to watch them learn to swim and get themselves out of the water. We have also enjoyed swimming with Ruth, Connie, Valerie, John, Kylie, and many others. Here is a proud picture of the kids with their ribbons and their wonderful instructors. Thank you to all the staff for not only promoting safe swim, but for all the fun my kids have at Saf-T-Swim. It truly is one of the favorite parts of our week as a family!

Donna and Thomas Thiele

A Big Fat Thank You

Dear Saf-T-Swim

I just wanted to send a big, fat “Thank You” to Tatiana over at Deer Park. She worked so hard with my son Tate to overcome his fear of treading. I don’t think I have the words to express my gratitude to her!!

Instructors Exceed All Our Expectations

Excellence in Teaching

I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication demonstrated by Jen D. and Mike. We had worked with many different instructors prior to Jen, but Jen and Mike stand out among all of them. Both are very reliable and hard working people. They consistently meet and exceed all our expectations. Their love for the children and enthusiasm for what they do at work makes it rewarding for us to have them as instructors for our daughters.


Jen has worked with both our daughters: Adele (now 7 yrs old) and Kamila (4). It was Jen’s enthusiasm, creativity and uplifting spirit that always kept Adele and Kamila motivated and interested. Not only did Jen teach our daughters to swim, she instilled love for swimming and sports in both girls, and we are very grateful for this. I also wanted you to know that Jen is a very talented and gifted person who loves children and is always a pleasure to work with. Children love Jen and in return parents are very happy with Jen’s professionalism and enthusiasm in everything she does. We love you Jen!

Mike has been working with Adele for the past 3 years. Even though he was never Kamila’s instructor, Kamila know him as her own instructor because Mike always greets her with a smile, cheerful “Hi Kamilla!” and always finds a moment to play with her in the water. Mike shows his professionalism in being an excellent instructor for children of all ages. Small children (my 4 year old for example) like him because he knows how to make them smile and how to play with them to make swimming lessons fun. At the same time, Mike requires discipline and hard work from the older kids, and he is much respected for that. Adele has been a member of a swim team (where Mike has been teaching) for almost 2 years now. Not only did she significantly improve in swimming techniques, but she also learned to work hard and concentrate on the task.

Both Mike and Jen are very young and have a bright future ahead of them. They are great assets to Saf-T-Swim and I am certain that all parents that have been working with Mike and Jen share my opinion.

D.S. Bohemia, NY


I would just like to say……

After 7 wonderful years, we said goodbye to Saf T Swim in Bohemia today My daughter started swimming there at just a few months and so did my son. They are 7 and 4 now and are both amazing swimmers thanks to the wonderful staff! They have shown my children such an important life skill plus a ton of LOVE. John is absolutely amazing. My son has been swimming with him since he was an infant and we will TRULY miss him. He is the most wonderful, patient, sweet and loving instructor I could have every asked for. I can’t thank you enough John! Our family (especially Bray) will miss you very much and my husband and I are eternally grateful for what you have done for us.
Mariel Lupo

To Everybody at Saf-T-Swim

THEY PASSED LEVELS 1 & 5!! They ran up with their instructor Aimee ringing the bell and celebrating!! #saftswimofsmithtown

Instructors Exceed All Our Expectations

Excellence in Teaching

I am writing today regarding my daughter Madelynn’s instructor, Katie. Madelynn has been going to Saf-t-Swim since she is 16 months old. Madelynn is now 5 years old and my husband and I are beyond thrilled with all that she has accomplished. Although, we have been pleased with all the instructors Madelynn has had the pleasure of working with over the years, nothing can compare to the bond she has made with “our favorite,” Katie. Katie has always been gentle with Madelynn, yet firm when necessary. She has developed an amazing relationship, with our daughter, through her genuine love for children that has made Madelynn eager to go to swimming each week.


In addition, Katie’s genuine nature has been so pivotal in that she is able to find a good balance with Madelynn that has made learning fun. My family was amazed, this past summer, in all the confidence Madelynn displayed in the water, along with all the techniques Katie has taught her. With the amazing instruction she has gotten from Katie these years, swimming this past summer, was a blast!!!

In closing, we just want to take the time to express that Katie is the total package, and we have been blessed to have had all these years.
Thank you,
Pam & Bryan Lang

We Will Cherish All Of The Memories

To the entire Saf-T-Swim staff at Coram,

Saf-T-Swim has been not only a magnificent part of our son Aidan’s life but of our family’s life as well. We have met such wonderful people throughout the past eight years, instructors, staff and parents alike.

Rachel and the entire office staff consistently provide a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Upon each arrival we are welcomed with a friendly smile and verbal recognition; every departure is the same. They are kind and caring, never too busy to answer any question or offer assistance.

For all the years of lessons, we want to thank all of the instructors. Each of you has shown great pride and commitment towards teaching children water safety and stroke technique.

Caitlin Boker and Tiffany Marino are two dedicated individuals that need to be recognized for their tremendous efforts coaching the Coram Saf-T-Swim team. Each Sunday morning the team has looked up to these two fine instructors for guidance, support, and encouragement. Caitlin and Tiffany have inspired the swim team to believe in themselves, to become not only better swimmers but also to encourage self worth and instill team morale. A winning team is a team which performs well, both in score and attitude. Caitlin and Tiffany worked diligently to ensure this team was a winner in both aspects.

Week after week, bonds have been created between the parents. We looked forward to an hour of watching our son swim as well as an hour of pleasant conversation. The waiting area once filled with just parents of other swimmers had turned into a room filled with friends.

For all of the incredible years at Saf-T-Swim, we thank all of you. From infancy to a boy entering fourth grade, the precious lessons you have all taught our son will help him throughout his life.

We will cherish all of the memories.

Dennis and Donna Donnelly
Coram, NY

Thank You Saf-T-Swim

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to Ms. Tiffany M. She has been my son´s swim instructor for a year now. My son has a learning disability and a speech delay and Tiffany, his instructor, is very patient and thoughtful when it comes to him learning a new skill. She is trying to communicate with my son now by using laminated pictures in the pool to get him to understand what she wants him to accomplish. Tiffany is an excellent teacher and role model. Any student and facility would be lucky to have her.
M. B.

Our Expectations Have Been Exceeded

Dear Saf-T-Swim

We wanted to express our appreciation for Laura’s performance teaching our daughter, Kaitlin, during her swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim.

Laura is an excellent teacher, and Kaitlin is excelling under her professional and fun instruction. We wanted our daughter to be safe around water. Our expectations have been exceeded with the advanced techniques Kaitlin has acquired under Laura’s gentle and patient guidance. Laura has gained our respect and maintained Kaitlin’s enthusiasm about swimming. Laura has inspired Kaitlin to want to continue to learn new swimming skills and to hone her existing techniques.

We also appreciate Laura’s positive attitude and work ethic. We can count on her to be there for the lessons with a smile on her face and to be ready to provide professional assessment and planning for Kaitlin’s swimming skills and curriculum.

Laura maintains a friendly rapport and banter with Kaitlin throughout each lesson. Kaitlin told Laura about how she was posting articles (including some about her swimming lessons) to a class blog. Laura went above and beyond and, on her own time, read the entries and posted comments to a couple of them. Kaitlin couldn’t have been more delighted.

We think Laura brings the whole package as a swimming instructor and commend her performance as a Saf-T-Swim employee and mentor to our daughter. Thanks, Laura!

Very truly yours,
Mr. & Mrs. J.T

A Very Big Life Lesson

Dear Saf-T-Swim,

This letter is to thank your facility, especially one of your instructors, for giving us the opportunity to learn about trust and a very big life lesson.

Our two year old daughter, Molly, was very upset upon starting her very first private swimming lesson. She cried and screamed the entire time, as this was her first experience with separation and swimming instruction.

Joe Hammel guided Molly with consistency, patience and confidence that eventually led to overcoming her fear and love the water! Joe has become very important to our family, as we have learned through him that sometimes the most difficult things in life are the right things to do! Watching our little girl cry for us was extremely difficult, but because of Joe’s care, we stuck it out and watched her emerge into a confident student and overcome her fear! It was an amazing experience for all of us and we are forever grateful to Joe!

Thank you for the opportunity!

T. M.

Today Something Special Happened

Dear Saf-T-Swim,

Today something special happened. My son, Camden, jumped into the pool and swam to the ladder, unassisted. Then he did it again. “So”, you say, “teaching kids to swim is our business.”

That’s true, but Camden is not “every” kid. Camden is a stroke survivor. He is paralyzed on most of his left side and has many delays, among other challenges, that make his– and Brittney’s- accomplishment very special.

Camden has been with Brittney exclusively for a couple of years. Brittany has patiently worked to build his confidence and skills to a point where he can take an independent step into the pool, and forward into the rest of his life.

She has shown Camden unending patience; waiting for a seizure to pass, where she has remained calm and comforting; repeating the same lessons over and over while maintaining her enthusiasm and encouragement; stretching his affected arm while teaching him to swim for the wall. Always incorporating a “lesson” while building Camden’s confidence in himself.

Brittney is an outstanding representative of your company. We would like to sincerely thank her for extending herself as a beacon of encouragement to help improve Camden’s life.

Thank you,
Mr. & Mrs. A.D.

The Best Investment We’ve Ever Made

Dear Mr. Hazen,

I wanted to tell you about our experience with Saf-T-Swim and how my son’s life was saved earlier this summer.
My 6-1/2 year old son Paul has autism. From very early on he had a scary obsession and attraction to water. Three years ago we were at a friend’s house and they had a semi-in-ground pool. Paul walked right over and was about to jump in without any fear or hesitation. It was at that moment we decided we needed to take him to Saf-T-Swim.

At my first visit to the Riverhead location I met with Brielle. I told her my son had autism and that drowning was the number one cause of accidental death in children with autism. I told her I didn’t care if my son ever learned to actually swim, I just wanted to drown-proof him. I wanted him to learn how to get back to the side and get out if he fell in water.

Caitlyn had been Paul’s instructor for about 2 years now. My son has focus and attention issues, is very defiant, and is determined to not do what he’s told. He can be quite the challenge. Caitlyn takes on that challenge every week with my son. She goes through the drills and makes Paul do what he needs to do. He’s still learning many of the same skills he was learning two years ago. The constant repetition and reinforcement is the way these children learn.


At the beginning of June we took the cover off our above ground pool. We had not yet put the ladder in because even though the water was clear, the chemicals were not at the right levels yet. My son had been asking me every day to “find the ladder.” We had been outside playing on his water slide and little wading pool when it was clear that a thunderstorm was rolling in. I started to put things away in the shed and Paul ran to the very rear of our yard and was on the swings. I spent the next 3-5 minutes putting things away. The last thing I had to do was unhook the hose from the water slide and put it in the pool because it needed a few more inches of water. I walked backwards toward the pool with the hose to make sure I didn’t catch it on any lawn furniture. I reached the pool and turned around to put the hose in and there was Paul right smack in the middle of the pool swimming right towards me with a huge smile on his face. My heart stopped for a second wondering how he got in. I told him to come to me and he swam right to the side and I pulled him out of the pool. He’s verbal but not conversational, so he can’t tell me how he got in the pool.

I had my eyes off my son for about 3-5 minutes. Last I saw he was on the swings. I have no idea whether he had just gotten in the pool, or if he was in there the entire time. All I do know is that without Saf-T-Swim and Caitlyn, my son, in all likelihood, would have become a horrible, tragic statistic that day. Instead, he’s still here smiling and swimming like a little fish. Swimming. Remember, all I wanted them to do was drown-proof him, and yet they reached a difficult child and taught him to swim.

Now the ladder is in the pool and he’s allowed to come and go in the pool as he pleases. Of course we still supervise but we are confident in his ability to swim and be safe in the water.

Thank you for your wonderful programs and teaching methods. I thank Caitlyn for her dedication to my son and for the effort she puts in with him. Swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim are the best investment we’ve ever made.


My Heart Is Full Of Gratitude

Dear Saf-T-Swim

It is my distinct pleasure to write to you regarding the outstanding merits of my daughter’s swim instructor for the past year. My daughter, Brianna, has been blessed by the patience, love and expertise of Ms. Bettina. Bettina has been instrumental in assisting Brianna overcome her initial trepidations about swimming lessons and I have been in awe of the rapid advancement of her progress.

The credit is all due to Ms. Bettina’s genuine concern for all of those under her direct tutelage. Bettina goes above and beyond the call of duty to explain water safety and the importance of being able to swim for fun and in the case of emergencies. Because of her own level of commitment to her job as a swim instructor, Brianna tries her best in each and every session to meet the high standards that Ms. Bettina sets for all of her students.

Oftentimes, during the swim sessions, I witness Ms. Bettina giving “high fives” or saying something that truly brings a smile to my daughter’s face. I am eternally appreciative of the opportunity to provide my daughter with swim lessons and Ms. Bettina’s excellent deportment of her duties makes the investment that much more enjoyable. She truly is a consummate professional and it is my desire to continue lessons with her for as long as she remains a part of the Saf-T-Swim staff.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to also highlight the merits of the East Meadow branch administrative team as well. The secretarial staff and bookkeepers are also compassionate professionals who have been very supportive of the mishaps that have unfortunately occurred during the past year. From severe illnesses to a fractured foot, the ladies have been extremely responsive to rescheduling my daughters’ swim lessons time and time again. My heart is full of gratitude for all of their efforts as well. I highly endorse the Saf-T-Swim program at the East Meadow branch to all of my friends and relatives each and every chance I can.


A Great Big Thanks

Dear Sirs,

We are writing to express our gratitude to Chris L. Our two daughters began swimming lessons at the end of July 2005. At the time, both Jamie and Danielle were truly afraid of the water and had absolutely no confidence, causing them to panic even when completely supervised in arm floating devices.

Chris’ nurturing, supportive approach has allowed them to gain the confidence they need, combined with the skill that he has taught them, to be in control in the water. We know that this was not an easy task…he nurtured them through the crying phase, was patient with them through the stubborn phase, and demonstrates his enthusiasm and pride to them, with all the achievements that they are presently making.

He is willing to work with them at their own pace, demonstrating patience for their individual needs on any given day. Our daughters truly love him! He was the first one on their prayer list before they went to bed at night when he was hurt. They refused to swim with anyone else, willing to wait to swim again until “Chris feels better”.

Chris always greets us with a big smile and a genuine desire to teach our daughters. He makes them feel important and special. They refer to him as their “friend” and always speak highly of him to all their friends and family. He is always flexible and willing to accommodate our schedules whenever possible for any make-up lessons that are needed. We cannot begin to thank him for the peace of mind he has given us and the confidence he has given our daughters. He is a tremendous asset to your program!

A great big thanks to Chris and to Saf-T-Swim, for giving our daughters a skill they need for life.

Frank and Cathy S.

The Utmost Respect

Dear Mr. Hazen,

I am writing today to praise my daughter’s swim teacher, Mark C. I don’t even know where to begin, because Mark is an outstanding man in many ways.


My daughter Kylie, has made the most tremendous improvements in her swimming since starting lessons with Mark in August 2005. Mark knows the right mix of discipline and fun that my daughter needs in order to succeed. He is extremely patient with her and always encourages her to do her best. Her self-esteem has flourished since starting lessons with Mark! I am beyond impressed with Mark’s professionalism, true love for children, a passion for teaching, and a kind nature that comes from his heart.

Mark is well spoken and it is very evident that he loves teaching children to swim. I am certain that one day he will have a career where he works directly with people. He always conveys how my daughter did during her lesson in positive manner. Mark is very understanding and my daughter responds to him very well. She and I have the utmost respect for him.

Swimming is not only a fun activity, but I look at it as a life skill. It is very difficult as a parent to find a teacher with whom you can trust with your child, but also someone who you know will do a superior job of teaching her. That is what we’ve found in Mark C. To say I am pleased with having Mark as my daughter’s teacher would be an understatement. Thank you so much.

In addition, I would like to praise your Saf-T-Swim Bohemia staff. The other teachers we interact with frequently, as well as the staff, are amazing people as well. For the 13 months we have been coming to Saf-T-Swim, they have been extremely courteous, helpful kind and respectful. I am deeply impressed with the staff you have hired to work at Saf-T-Swim Bohemia. Candace, Nancy, Erin, Meghan, Joan and all of the other staff are always there to lend an ear and they always treat my daughter with such kindness and respect. Again, thank you for making swimming lessons a truly wonderful experience for both my daughter and myself.

Amy & Kylie McC

Bravo, Three Cheers And Here’s To Wendell!

Dear Saf-T-Swim

Bravo, three cheers and here’s to you! Why you ask?
For having the good sense to hire Wendell Corwin as your Hydro Aerobics instructor.


Wendell is extremely personable, seems quite knowledgeable, and makes those in other class feel most comfortable. He takes the time to let those in attendance know that each individual needs to exercise at their own pace, not, that there is competition. He is an asset to Saf-T-Swim and hope he is as appreciated by you as he is by those that he instructs.

I am most appreciative,
Helen Y.

A Wonderful Learning Experience

Dear Saf-T-Swim Instructor Jenna

We would like to thank Saf-T-Swim and Jenna, the instructor, for providing such a wonderful learning experience for our daughter.

My daughter is always full of smiles and laughter during her sessions. Jenna has been a very caring and loving instructor to my daughter. Not only does Jenna teach my daughter how to swim, she is also teaching my daughter how to have a jolly good time in general. It’s been a wonderful experience for us to be coming here, and we hope to continue to do so for a long time.

Thank you for your great service.
Mr. & Mrs. R. M.
Coram, NY

Pleased With The Results

Fun and Hard Work

My son Tommy has been taking lessons at Saf-T-Swim for almost a year. In that time, he has made wonderful progress. This is due to the fine program you offer but I would have to say that most of the credit goes to his wonderful teacher, Caitlin.


As an instructor, Caitlin possesses a perfect balance between fun and hard work. She encourages Tommy to conquer his fears and to push himself to do better. I am very impressed that this can all be accomplished with a child who has only just turned four.

I’m very pleased with the results from Tommy’s lessons, not only because he is now safe in the water, but also because of the valuable early lessons he is learning about the rewards of hard work, and the benefits of exercise and physical activity. Caitlin has taught him all this in a fun-filled environment.

P. B.
Miller Place, NY

Wonderful And Patient Instructor

Dear Saf-T-Swim and staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Angela for the wonderful job she did introducing swimming to my 2 year old twins, Diego & Sophia.

She has shown such patience even on those days when Diego was not sure he wanted to do this, and was probably wondering who Angela was? Now Diego willingly holds his hands out to reach her in anticipation of getting into the water.

Sophia, the bolder child, has really taken a liking to swimming, and every week seems to have accomplished a new skill. In this regard, please recognize Angela on our behalf (two times for the twins, please). I am looking forward in having her as my children’s swimming instructor again, when we begin our new session.

B. M.
Bayside, NY

Calm Manner Worked Like A Charm

Thanks for Easing a Child’s Fears

I would like to give Dominick from the Commack location the highest possible praise for helping my son overcome his fear before his first lesson. My son, Evan was very scared of the water, refusing to get changed for his lesson.


Dominick saw the situation and offered to help. I was thrilled to accept, because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my son. Dominick picked him up, brought him in to see the pool, and introduce him to the instructor, Paul. He showed Evan all the fun pool toys and the tattoos he would receive after his lesson. He had such a calm manner, that it worked like a charm.

I watched Evan smile and laugh throughout his entire lesson. Paul is a great instructor, but we never would have found that out if not for Dominick. Evan is proud of himself for overcoming his fear, and can’t wait for his next session. I would recommend the program and Commack staff without hesitation!

Melville, NY

Survival Techniques Saved His Life

Life Lessons That Save lives

I have been taking my son, who is two and a half, to your facility for several months. On a recommendation, I asked for Mike O. I explained to him what we were hoping to achieve and he did his lesson accordingly.


Recently, we had a scare when my son decided to go swimming on his own; although there were adults there, by the time we reached him, he had come to the top of the water, holding his breath, he turned and kicked his way back to the steps— he swam over 3 feet all on his own. My heart stopped for a moment that day, and all I could think of was thank God for Mike.

He taught my son the survival techniques he needed to get back to the side, which I know saved his life. We’ve been so pleased we signed up for another year. Thank you, Mr. Hazen, for having such a great program.

M. K.
Bohemia, NY

Well Worth The Investment

Always Greeted With a Smile

Our son Aidan has been taking lessons at Saf-T-Swim since he was 5 months old. When you arrive, you are always acknowledged by a staff member, with a friendly smile and greeting; they are never too busy to answer a question, or provide assistance when needed. The management team, in particular Rachel and Brielle, are assets to your company. They go out of their way to make your experience at Saf-T-Swim a pleasure.


Over the past year, Jim has been Aidan’s primary instructor, and he has done a phenomenal job teaching our son. Aidan is a child who needs an instructor who is able to keep him focused, and challenged, while teaching him the skills needed to become a stronger and safe swimmer. Jim’s passionate commitment to his students, learning, love, and respect of the water, combined with his love of children, is obvious. His method of teaching promotes motivation, confidence, encouragement, respect, and discipline. He has a positive influence on Aidan, and is an extraordinary person.

Swimming is an extremely valuable skill, which will be used throughout his lifetime. Having respect for the water is even more valuable, and is well worth the investment, Aidan looks forward to Saf-T-Swim every week, and is developing the skills needed to become a strong, safe swimmer. We are grateful for all he has learned so far, and for all he will learn in the years to come at Saf-T-Swim!

Mr. & Mrs. D. D.
Centereach, NY

10 Years With Saf-T-Swim

A Family Tradition

In reflecting back in time with my wife, it’s hard to believe that our family has been associated with Saf-T-Swim for the better part of the last 10 years.


Our oldest daughter, Rachel, who is severely developmentally disabled, began individual lessons in 1994. It was our hope and objective that Rachel would be able to learn enough to develop a comfort level with the water that would enable her to develop enough survival skills for water safety, so that pools would not pose a safety hazard for her. The instructors were wonderful with Rachel— compassionate, friendly, and patient, and through their caring ways, Rachel has a love of the water and enjoys being in our pool.

When our second daughter, Hannah, started at Saf-T-Swim, at 4 years of age, she was a non-swimmer. Through repetition and positive reinforcement, Hannah developed the fundamentals necessary to achieve several swim stroke variations, even the butterfly. Through your instruction] She was able to compete Junior Varsity and Varsity proficiency standards… beaming with pride for winning her plaque and trophy.

As parents, we offer Saf-T-Swim a huge “thank you”, for contributing to our children’s love for a very fun, and beneficial sport; to Brielle, Hannah’s tutor and coach, to John and Tiffany, and many others, for handling the Saturday morning SEALS Team; to Rachel for her ever efficient office management… Ours has been nothing but a positive experience and relationship. It is our privilege to commend you all for the work you do, and the service you offer. May God richly bless you

The K. Family
Coram, NY